Minter Contract

  • Smart Contract: globally across all SRC20
  • Created: pre-exists / created once
  • Purpose: manages the minting of SRC20 and corresponding SWM stakes of additional tokens added to an existing SRC20
  • Example: On Ropsten

Feature Description

Read Functions
Returns the SWM stake amount needed to mint an additional amount of specific SRC20 tokens; this function translates the Net Asset Value into USD denominated staking amounts based on the network policy and then uses the referenced SWMPriceOracle to translate them into SWM values based on current prices
_SWMPriceOracle() returns (address)
Displays the address for the price oracle contract used to determine the SWM price
_registry() returns (address)
Displays the SRC20 Registry contract used in this contract
_asset() returns (address)
Displays the Asset Registry contract used in this contract
Write Functions
Calling this function withdraws the previously authorized number of SWM tokens required for staking from the caller’s address, and then mints numSRC20Tokens of src20 tokens in the caller’s address.; returns True on success |