Public Display of Ballots

Governance Action Ballots will be displayed and will be open for voting for seven days at or another public channel designated by the Swarm Council.

Voting Rights

Each SWM token grants its holder the right to cast one vote in any referendum. Members, only, are allowed to take part in the Governance Action Voting Process.

Voting Protocol

  • Members may vote on a GAB at any time during the voting period.

  • Members are free to change their votes whenever they want during the voting period.

  • A Member may delegate their voting rights to any other Member.

Default Masternode Delegation

In order to encourage an engaged community, and to better facilitate thoughtful consideration of Governance Action Ballots (GABs) by the community, the Swarm Network applies a Default Masternode Delegation for non-voting tokens.

If a Member does not vote in a referendum on a GAB, the voting rights associated with her SWM tokens are reallocated pro rata and according to the relative amounts of SWM held in their wallets, to the Members owning active masternodes that have voted on the GAB.

How to calculate voting results including Default Masternode Delegation:

  1. Retrieve all the voting events from the ballot’s smart contracts; to identify the corresponding smart contract click on “i” of each ballot in the voting app

  2. Retrieve the SWM balances for all the voted wallets

  3. Retrieve the active masternode wallets from and identify those wallets who voted within the ballot

  4. Prorate the results from those masternodes who voted across the SWM in circulation, which was not voted with within the ballot

  5. Add the prorated results to directly casted votes and calculate the result now including default master node delegation

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