Getting started

Governance of the Swarm Network by its Members is an important function. Here is a quick-start guide to getting a governance action to vote.

  1. Talk about it. Present your idea and put it out to the community for discussion and to get feedback on it. Discourse is a good forum for serious discussion of a proposal, though Telegram, Reddit, and the Issues tab in GitHub are also good venues to share your idea and get initial feedback.

  2. Iterate. Based on feedback, develop your idea until you feel it is solid enough to formulate into a coherent proposal, with clearly presented benefits and budget implications.

  3. Finalise your idea. While you’re getting feedback from Members, or when you’re ready, start formally documenting your idea. You can use a template as a guide for how to structure your proposal.

  4. Submit a draft proposal: Only Swarm Members may submit a proposal for balloting. To enter the Swarm Network Voting Queue, submit your proposal to Github and stake a minimum of two hundred and fifty (250) SWM tokens. Instructions for submitting a draft proposal are here.

  5. Get support: Other Members can stake against your proposal. Every two months, the top five most supported ballots, by stake, are selected to be voted on. Go out there and campaign.

  6. Vote!: Read up on all upcoming ballots, talk to their sponsors, and don’t forget to vote. Every SWM token holder can vote on every ballot.

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