The Swarm Network

The Swarm Network is a group of persons (Members) joining to support the development of a digital infrastructure designed to foster the emerging digital securities economy.

General Purpose

The Swarm Network aims to build and maintain an open infrastructure for digital securities and a financial marketplace that is globally accessible, free and trustworthy for its participants.

The Swarm Network supports base layer research, development and education to bring decentralized, open-source protocols and tools to the world of finance, empowering developers to produce next generation decentralized financial services applications.

Specific Purposes

To equitably balance the respective interests of all participants and, to this end, define and refine platform policies accordingly. To act as a decentralized governance body to manage the lawful development and maintenance of the platform compliant with its purposes. To build tools and infrastructure that support adherence to applicable laws and regulations with respect to the issuance of digital securities on the platform as well as trading such digital securities on third-party or decentralized exchanges.

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