Market Access Protocol

A New Industry Standard for Trading Security Tokens​

Introducting MAP

SWARM has developed a regulatory compliant framework that facilitates the digitization of assets and investment opportunities. In order to automate, manage, and simplify the transactions and agreements between parties, Market Access Protocol is built to function as a compliance layer which allows for the transfer of digital value and shared ownership of assets to be more easily realized. SWARM invites the security token community to collaborate, grow the market, and establish the ecosystem by leveraging our open protocol.


In order to develop a thriving, sustainable ecosystem supporting security token usage, distribution, and transferability, SWARM has identified and incorporated the following core principles:

Built-In Compliance: Play by the Rules

MAP ensures that all requisite parameters are met before a security token transaction can be processed, thereby providing regulatory compliance and proof thereof.

These considerations may include token restrictions and requirements, geographically based jurisdictions, KYC/AML qualifications, accredited investor laws, etc.

The successful completion of a transaction implies its validity due to the previously required compliance checks, making it easy for token issuers to report compliance and show audit trail.

Privacy: Own your personal data

MAP can instantly surface whether or not an individual’s wallet is compliant with the requirements for any security token transfer.

MAP does not connect any personally identifying details to any wallet.

Investor identity is secure - and individuals have control over who can access their data.

Incentives: Get rewarded to participate

Qualification providers and all operators within the ecosystem have significant incentives to actively engage.

Incentives ensure long-term viability of MAP.

Ease of Use: Anyone can join

All parties can easily integrate with the framework and satisfy their interests.

Market access qualifications are available to the right parties at the right time, anywhere they wish to transact.

MAP is openable to any other token infrastructure to be used as a rule set for transfers performed on other blockchains.

MAP is entirely blockchain agnostic, and can support transfer restrictions and compliance across DLTs.

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