kovan.mySwarm.app (test version, please use this)

A Kovan test version of mySwarm.app is available at kovan.mySwarm.app

To change to Kovan Network using Metamask, open the app and select the dropdown like this below and you will see Kovan network:

You'll need Kovan ETH, SWM, and USDC.

For Kovan test $SWM and $USDC please come to our telegram and make a request: https://t.me/swarmfund

For Kovan $ETH please visit and log in with your GitHub account: https://faucet.kovan.network/

Make sure you add these contracts to metamask for Kovan so they show up in your wallet:

Kovan SWM: 0x46874bfc5ed8d1c238f615bb95c13b99994aa578

Kovan USDC: 0xf2ed3ca62b1d4dd57ad46184634f6b1f8be85ee3

Kovan ETH should already populate

If you have any questions at all please come to Telegram and ask! https://t.me/swarmfund

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