Governance Actions start as ideas that originate in the Swarm community, eventually developing into a crystallized proposal.

A Governance Action Proposal is an idea that has been discussed to the point where a Member feels it beneficial to formalize and submit it to the voting queue to be voted on by the community of Members.

Forums where governance actions may be discussed include, but are not limited to, the following:

Initiating a proposal

Any Member can initiate a “Governance Action Proposal” or “GAP”. The ballot proposal process is described in detail here.

A GAP may also be initiated through a majority vote of the Swarm Council.

A GAP may also be initiated as part of the enactment and execution of a prior Governance Action.

A GAP should describe to Members how the action benefits the Swarm Network and why they should vote for it. It should also provide a detailed description of the action, any relevant supporting documentation, and may include a request for a budget.

There are four themes that a GAP may be categorized into:

  1. Network Constitution: proposals suggesting changes to the Swarm Network Constitution,

  2. Network Policy: proposals for changes to core network policies such as staking requirements, rewards, etc,

  3. Proclamation: proposals for making a public statement on behalf of the Swarm Network,

  4. General: all other governance action proposals.

Proposal templates may be viewed on GitHub.


A proposal must:

  • concisely and cogently describe the Governance Action;

  • describe the purpose and rationale for the Governance Action and its intended outcomes;

  • identify the specific uses for which Swarm Treasury funds may be expended to support the Governance Action;

  • be written in English; and

  • specify the Voting Period

If a Governance Action requires the expenditure of Swarm Treasury funds the proposal must, in addition: articulate and establish an accountability framework that measures the performance of the Governance Action; provide an auditing procedure to account for expenditures; and provide a method for reporting the audit and performance results to the Swarm Network and the Swarm Council.


A Member may petition the Swarm Council for confirmation that a GAP, if balloted, would meet the procedural and substantive requirements described above. Pre-Clearance shall be granted if the Swarm Council finds through an affirmative vote that the requirements are satisfied.

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