Affiliate Manager Contract

- BETA -

  • Smart Contract: specific to a Swarm Powered Fundraise for a specific SRC20

  • Created: review the SPF Deployment Sequence; then referenced in the Swarm Powered Fundraise contract

  • Purpose: Registers all currencies that will be accepted in a specific Swarm Powered Fundraise

  • Example: TBD

Feature Description

Read Functions



affiliateLinks(address) returns (string)

Returns the affiliate link of an affiliate address

affiliates(address) returns (struct)

Returns the Affiliate object from the affiliate address: struct Affiliate {string affiliateLink;string affiliateLink;uint256 percentage;}

getAffiliate(string) returns (address, uint256)

Returns the address and percentage amount of an affiliate. It takes the affiliate link as a parameter

isOwner() returns (bool)

Returns true if the calling address is the contract owner

owner() returns (address)

Returns the address of the owner of the contract

Write Functions



removeAffiliate(address) returns (bool)

Removes an affiliate from the list of affiliates accepted in a Swarm Powered Fundraise; the parameter is the address of the affiliate wallet

setupAffiliate(address, string, uint256) returns (bool)

Setup a new affiliate; the first parameter is the address of the affiliate’s wallet, the second is the affiliate link and the third is the participation percentage amount that determines participation of the affiliate whenever a contribution references the affiliate link


Contract owner can renounce ownership of the contract


Transfers ownership of this Affiliate Manager contract to a new contract owner

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