Governance Action Voting Process


  • Every two months, the five most supported ballots are voted on by eligible members in a referendum.
  • Each SWM token grants its holder the right to cast one vote in any referendum.
  • Liquid Democracy: Votes can be delegated to others.
  • Winning ballots become actions to be executed by the Swarm Council.

Voting Calendar Schedule

At a fixed interval of two months (the “Voting Interval”) the GABs in the Voting Queue with the five greatest GAB stakes are elevated for a referendum (SNC, Article VII, B(3)).
Assuming a default voting period of seven days, here’s the schedule of upcoming votes for 2020:
Deadline for new GAPs
Voting Period
February 7
February 10-16
April 3
April 6-12
June 5
June 8 - 14
August 7
August 10-16
October 9
October 12-18
December 4
December 7-13