SWM Staking

Stake your SWM tokens to participate in network governance and earn rewards.

Pool 1 vs. Pool 2

There are two staking pools available. You can choose to stake your SWM by locking it away and enabling your participation in network governance while earning rewards, or you can provide liquidity to SWM on Uniswap and stake your LP token while also participating in network governance and earning rewards.
10 million initial SWM token reward pool was established 1 September 2018.
Initial pool was 2.5 million, reducing by 25% each year, for 100 years.
Rewards are distributed on the first of every month.
Pool 1, SWM Pool Rewards: 1x Rewards
Pool 2, SWM/ETH Pool Rewards: 4x Rewards
80% of fees paid in SWM are distributed to P1 and P2


minting fees flow to the Rewards Wallet and then to stakers

How to stake SWM:

Connect your metamask, Approve SWM or SWM/ETH LP, whichever you prefer, then deposit.
If you choose SWM/ETH LP, to provide liquidity, go to
For any other questions, please come to Telegram for help: